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We’re a Public Benefit Corporation.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we do business differently. This was a choice, and it means your interests are built into the DNA of our company. Everything we do is driven by our mission: improving access to legal services.


We’re not a law firm, and that’s by design.

We’re an independent guide that helps you shop the legal market like never before. As consumers of legal services, we wanted to clearly see our options so we could make the right choice. So that’s what we’ve built.


We bring the legal market to you.

In your time of legal need, you shouldn't have to spend hours researching lawyers with no guidance. Our technology is designed to find lawyers who can help, so you can get back to living your life.


We use technology to put you in control of your future.

Everything we do is designed to empower you with the information needed to choose the best legal help for you.

The top 5 questions people ask us

Is evident a law firm?

evident is not a law firm, and that’s by design.

We’re a Public Benefit Corporation that uses technology to help you find the legal help you need like never before. Our mission is to be an independent guide that helps people with legal issues of all stripes find the right help.

Is it really free to use evident?

Yes, but you do have to pay the lawyer you hire. evident does all the work to connect you with them, fast, and free of charge.

How is evident different from other legal sites?

evident is the first of its kind: a Public Benefit Corporation that provides a marketplace designed to find you the legal help you need.

So, what does that mean? It means that while we are a for-profit company, our investors are not our only stakeholders. By law, we are committed to a social mission: improving access to legal services. It drives everything we do.

It is extraordinarily difficult to find the right legal help. The legal industry hasn’t exactly made it easy to answer some basic questions: “What are my options?” “How do I compare lawyers?” “How much will it cost?” and “What will the process look like?” We're on a mission to change that. And we’ve set a high bar to make evident the only site you’ll need to get answers and find the legal help that is right for you.

How does evident make money?

We don't charge you to use our service. As a company, we get paid a subscription fee from lawyers who use our platform. Lawyers pay to use our tools, manage potential clients, and identify where they can make the most impact on people like you looking for legal help.

Here’s what we don’t do:

We don’t charge commissions. We never direct you to specific lawyers in exchange for a commission from those lawyers. That raises conflicts of interest. We don’t do that, full stop.

We don’t sell advertising to put higher paying lawyers in front of you first. On other legal sites, you’ll often find that the first several listings are from lawyers who have paid to appear at the top of the list. This is marketing gamesmanship, designed to lead you into choosing the first lawyers you see. When you see this, run the other way.

Put simply, evident puts the legal market at your fingertips, and is designed to empower you to choose the right legal help, without conflicts or interference from marketing tactics.

Is it cheaper to find legal help through evident?

Here’s the deal: we can't discount your lawyer's fees. That’s because legal regulations require lawyers to retain control over how they price their services. It is illegal for anyone other than a lawyer to discount that price.

But here’s where you can save money: the legal fees that lawyers charge can vary greatly. By comparing the estimated pricing offered by Lawyer X, Lawyer Y, and so on, you as a consumer win by looking at the market. And our tools allow you to weigh the price against other factors like years of experience, area of expertise, and more. You can then choose the best legal help for you at the right price.

We're a Public Benefit Corporation

We're driven by simple mission: making the legal system work better for everyone.