Let’s face it, existing ways of finding legal help are broken

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Consumers are overwhelmed

The millions of consumers looking for legal help face a maddening legal system. They have no way to understand their options, who to hire, or how much legal help should cost.

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Reaching new clients is hard

Lawyers spend too much time and money finding new clients, and not enough time practicing law. We're changing that. Why? Because when lawyers can focus on what they do best, everyone wins.

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The system doesn't work

Millions of people go without legal help each year. Yet lawyers have difficulty finding new clients. It's time to make legal better for everyone.


We've built a seamless platform that connects you with new clients

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Potential new clients sent right to your personal dashboard

Clients who come to our platform looking for help in your practice area and jurisdiction are sent straight to your dashboard.

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Grow your practice through client-centered service

Provide excellent client service and get positive ratings that will help clients identifiy you as a go to lawyer.

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Become a thought leader

evident is building a high-quality library of articles, guides, and explainers, without the legal jargon. And we're looking for thought leaders like you.

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Here's what our customers say

"I really like evident’s contemporary model of connecting lawyers with potential clients. They provide high quality requests only in my limited area of practice. The evident model empowers potential clients to make informed attorney selection decisions."
-Jon Ressler
Partner, Roose & Ressler
"I found the interface extremely easy to use. With evident, I am able to respond to client inquiries quickly, demonstrate instantly the value that my firm provides and why I am the right attorney for the job, and keep track of incoming new cases."
-Jonathan Hilton
Partner, Hilton Parker LLC

A flat monthly subscription fee


We thought you might have a few questions

What is evident?

evident is a Public Benefit Corporation that uses technology to help consumers find the right legal help. We’re not a law firm, and that’s by design. Our mission is to help as many people as possible to find the right legal help, and we can’t do that as a law firm.

There are hundreds of legal sub-issues, so we leave the legal advice to you. Our marketplace technology efficiently connects you with people in need of help.

We’re a company with one mission: to make legal services work better for everyone.

Why does evident exist?

Finding the right legal help is extraordinarily difficult for ordinary people. With no background in the law, most people don’t even know where to begin and give up searching without finding help.

And for lawyers, you spend too much time and money searching for new business: sifting through leads who aren’t right for you, taking consultations that lead to nowhere, or advertising with no clear return on investment. As a result, the average lawyer engages in only 2.5 hours of billable work each day.

We exist to solve this problem.

What kind of clients does evident serve?

We serve people with legal issues of all stripes, though our immediate focus is on several areas we think are particularly important today: estate planning, family law, and consumer and business employment issues.

If you serve other practice areas but would like to join our platform, please contact us at

Why should I sign up for evident?

One simple reason: to find new clients you can help. The lawyer directory and pay per lead models are broken. They don't serve consumers or lawyers. So we've redesigned how consumers and lawyers connect and created a model where lawyers always know their monthly spend and always know their ROI.

We've developed our technology to seamlessly connect clients with lawyers, and allows both the client and the lawyer to decide whether an engagement makes sense. And by design, we've implemented a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time. That places the burden on us to prove our value every day and puts you in the driver's seat.

Here's a few other reasons:

  • We're a Public Benefit Corporation on a mission to make legal work better for everyone involved.
  • We're built from the ground up by top legal, ethics, and marketplace experts. We push for innovation, but also live by a simple creed: respect the rules.
  • Our platform is entirely opt-in. There's no pre-filled directory. You control your profile and the information you send to potential clients, all behind a secured dashboard.
  • You can offer limited advice sessions, which consumers are in desperate need of and which allow you to build your brand while bringing in additional revenue.

We hope you'll join us on this journey to improve access to justice and make the legal system work better for everyone.

Do you have customer support?

Yes! When you sign up with evident, you get free access to our lawyer support team. We can help you set up your account, walk through the platform, and answer any questions you have.

Reach out to us at