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Zinus Mattress Lawsuit: Outcome and Latest Updates

We explain the background of the Zinus mattress lawsuit and the latest updates, including important steps toward a resolution in 2023.

evident Editorial Team
March 7, 2024
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If you've shopped for mattresses recently, you may have heard about a Zinus mattress lawsuit and be curious about the details. In fact, Zinus' Green Tea Mattress is one of Amazon's bestselling mattress due to its popularity and inexpensive price point.

However, the South Korean mattress company came under scrutiny due to allegations related to health issues purportedly caused by fiberglass fibers that get released from its product. A class action lawsuit was filed in July 2022, and crucial developments in the case took place in the summer of 2023.

So, what is the Zinus class action lawsuit about? And what are the latest updates on the case? This article will explain what is leading to the Zinus mattress lawsuit headlines. 

Key Takeaways

Zinus Mattress Lawsuit: The Basics

As mentioned, Zinus is a South Korean mattress company whose Green Tea mattresses are among the best-selling mattresses on Amazon. But in July 2022, a class action lawsuit against Zinus was filed in federal court in Sacramento, California.

Vanessa Gutierrez, the lead plaintiff, sued on behalf of herself and a class of individuals. Ms. Gutierrez purchased a Zinus mattress for approximately $400 but ended up facing nearly $20,000 in medical bills and other damages after fiberglass exposure caused health issues for her four-year-old daughter.   

The lawsuit alleges that the mattresses did not contain adequate warning labels about the risk of fiberglass being released from the outer mattress cover and the accompanying health issues and property damage that this could cause.

Previous Zinus Mattress Lawsuit

The first Zinus mattress lawsuit was a proposed class action suit filed in Illinois in 2020. Plaintiffs Amanda Chandler and Robert Durham filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Zinus and also sued companies that sold Zinus mattresses, such as Amazon and Walmart.

The judge in that case, however, dismissed the claims of non-Illinois residents from that lawsuit. Subsequently, Ms. Gutierrez filed a proposed class action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California.

Issues With Fiberglass In Mattresses

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Some mattresses, including Zinus' Green Tea memory foam mattresses, contain fiberglass as part of the flame retardant layer of the mattress. Per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, mattresses must meet certain federal regulations regarding flammability. Fiberglass is a popular fire-resistant material in the mattress industry because it is cheaper than other fire-retardant materials, but it can also cause health problems. (Fiberglass is often used as insulation in other contexts as well, such as in pipes and certain appliances).

Health issues can occur, though, when the flame-resistant fiberglass fibers get released from within the outer cover of a mattress. When fiberglass particles escape the protective outer cover, it can lead to adverse health effects and expensive cleaning bills when people have to clean their living space of fiberglass. Many people often have to hire professional remediation services in order to fully clear the glass fibers from their homes.

A study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health noted that "fiberglass. . . is a known respiratory, skin and eye irritant and an asthmagen." The study also stated, "[t]he use of fiberglass and other chemicals in mattress covers poses a potential health risk if these materials are not adequately contained."

Do Zinus mattresses have fiberglass?

Yes, some Zinus mattresses have fiberglass as part of the flame-resistant material. According to Zinus' website, the mattress company no longer uses fiberglass, and instead, "newly manufactured Zinus mattresses use a carbon-rayon sleeve."

Zinus mattresses previously used fiberglass, though, which led to the Zinus class action lawsuit.

Zinus Class Action Lawsuit: 2023 Settlement and Latest Updates

The Zinus mattress lawsuit reached a settlement in the summer of 2023.

Following a two-day mediation session, the parties reached an agreement in principle and filed a Notice of Settlement with the court on April 26, 2023. The parties still needed to negotiate the specifics of their settlement and filed a joint status update to request more time to complete the settlement on June 26, 2023, which the judge granted.

Ultimately, the parties were able to reach an agreement on the Zinus class action lawsuit settlement, and the parties agreed to voluntarily dismiss the lawsuit from federal court in a filing made on August. 25, 2023. The details of the settlement were not reflected in the court documents.  

Zinus Mattress Lawsuit Compensation

As noted, the settlement details of the Zinus class action lawsuit were not apparent in the publicly available court documents. If you think you may be entitled to Zinus mattress lawsuit compensation, it may be helpful to reach out to the law firms representing the plaintiffs, such as the Environmental Litigation Group, PC.