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Vegamour Lawsuit: Latest Updates and What To Know

You may have heard about a Vegamour lawsuit, but the company has actually dealt with several legal issues in recent years. We break them down here.

evident Editorial Team
February 17, 2024
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Vegamour, a holistic hair wellness company, touts many happy customer reviews on its website.

But the company has faced several minor legal snafus recently on a variety of issues. Indeed, readers may have heard about a Vegamour lawsuit, but there have been several different legal actions relating to the company, including one related to its advertising claims regarding some of its hair growth products.

So what is the Vegamour lawsuit about? And what other issues has the company dealt with recently? We break it down in this article.

Key Takeaways

Vegamour's Advertising Claims

Perhaps the most interesting issue for potential customers relates to a legal challenge Vegamour faced in connection with some of its advertising claims. Specifically, the National Advertising Division (NAD) initiated a challenge of advertising claims relating to Vegamour's Gro Ageless Anti-Gray Hair Serum, a product aimed at delaying gray hair and helping customers dealing with hair loss..

The National Advertising Division, a BBB National Program, maintains a Monitoring Program. As part of the NAD's routine monitoring, the "NAD initiates approximately 20-25% of its cases each year based on its own monitoring of advertising in a wide variety of product categories."

The National Advertising Division initiated an inquiry about some of the company's social media posts on Facebook and Instagram that linked to reviews for the Vegamour product. According to the NAD, the social media posts in question stated, "FINALLY a serum that can delay grey hair. Does it Work? We tried it and here’s our review" and linked to two websites that had reviews of Vegamour's Gro Ageless Anti-Gray Hair Serum.

The focus of the inquiry, according to NAD's press release, was whether the reviews represented "independent, honest opinions of the reviewers."

NAD Challenge: Resolution

In response to the National Advertising Division's inquiry, Vegamour voluntarily discontinued the advertising claims at issue, opting to remove the social media posts in question.

By removing certain advertising claims, the NAD dropped its inquiry and did not review the advertising claims on their merits.

Vegamour Lawsuits

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Vegamour has faced a couple of lawsuits in recent years, most notably a lawsuit related to allegations that the company's website was not ADA-compliant.

Vegamour's Accessibility Lawsuit: Blejewski v. Vegamour

This lawsuit was filed in August 2020 in Connecticut federal court by Barbara Blejewski, a blind woman.

In her lawsuit, Blejewski alleged that Vegamour's website had accessibility issues. For instance, the lawsuit alleged:

  • A dialog box that displayed when the homepage opens had elements and content that screen reader users could not access, thereby removing their ability to use the website.
  • In sections of the website that ordinarily offer a choice between a "one-time purchase" or a "subscription" offer, the "one-time purchase" option is not available to persons using screen readers.
  • A 15% discount offer for first orders is not announced to screen reader users.

Though initially filed in Connecticut federal court, the case was transferred to California state court.

And what's the latest update on this Vegamour lawsuit? The case has been resolved as the plaintiff filed a Notice of Settlement with the court on January 12, 2021.

Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Separately, a former employee filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Vegamour in a Los Angeles County Superior Court. That lawsuit was filed in November 2022 and is still pending.

The Bottom Line

So, for people dealing with hair loss or interested in delaying gray hair, news about a Vegamour lawsuit may have sparked their interest. But it's important to understand what legal issues the company is, and is not, facing.

As discussed, the particular issue that may have sparked many peoples' curiosity relates to certain advertising claims that came under scrutiny as part of NAD's routine monitoring program. The National Advertising Division flagged Facebook posts and Instagram posts that linked to websites containing reviews. However, Vegamour decided to make the review sites private and take down the Instagram and Facebook posts, which resolved the NAD inquiry.

Separately, Vegamour faced a lawsuit regarding the accessibility of their website for blind users. But that website was filed in 2020, settled in 2021, and led to Vegamour making changes to their website.

Hopefully this background helps consumers who are considering different hair growth products, as it is important to separate fact from speculation when evaluating your options.